Our History

During the period of the Charismatic Renewal many Christians left traditional churches to explore further the 1st Century emphasis on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. As in other periods of church history, the Charismatic Renewal led to the birth of new churches and church movements. It was at this juncture that Family Church was born.

The life of Family Church began in the mid 1970’s when a few families began meeting together, following their departure from more traditional settings. The church they formed started as a house fellowship and quickly grew into a congregation, which had strong accents on the priesthood of all believers, the infallibility and inerrancy of the scriptures and the present activity of the Holy Spirit.

Though our gatherings are often much larger than those early days, the importance of
every member’s contribution is still upheld in our values. The church moved to its current, central location in 1985 and has a wide array of excellent facilities which it uses for church and community activities in Billinge. 

In 2017, Family Church pioneered its first daughter church in Skelmersdale. It has also adopted a third location, in Westhoughton, which was legally completed in April 2020.

Family Church became affiliated to Elim in November 2019 and joined the Elim Network.